Type 1:Complete Heterochromia

This is where the iris of one eye is a completely different color than the iris of the other eye.
complete heterochromia
Complete Heterochromia

Type 2:Sectoral/Partial Heterochromia

This is where only a portion (or sector) of the iris of one eye has a different color than the rest of the iris of that eye. Partial heterochromia can occur in one eye or both eyes.
partial heterochromia
Sectoral Heterochromia

Type 3:Central Heterochromia

In this type of heterochromia, the iris has a different color near the border of the pupil (compared with the color of the rest of the iris), with spikes of the central color radiating from the pupil toward the middle of the iris.
central heterochromia
Central Heterochromia